La Salle Digital Explorers Lab

Experiential Learning Through the Digital Explorers Lab

Work with real clients outside of the classroom to expand upon marketing skills learned and to delve deeper into marketing concepts that interest you.

Learn By Doing

The focus of the Digital Explorers Lab is learning by doing. If you are interested in a particular area of digital marketing and would like to expand your knowledge and expertise, pursue a project through the Digital Explorers Lab and work with real clients. The Lab offers flexibility and allows you to determine the extensiveness of your project.   

Earn Your Digital Marketing Badge

Marketing students interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing will benefit immensely from the Digital Explorers Lab. By taking on a project through the lab under the direction of Dr. Jiang, students are able to earn their “Digital Marketing Badge”, differentiating themselves from peers searching for a career in digital marketing.

Network With Professionals

Workshops led by experienced marketing professionals and executives are offered to Digital Explorers. By attending these workshops, you can learn useful marketing insights not discussed in class, connect with the best of the best in the industry, and discuss internship and job opportunities.